Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kodaikanal Trip Memoir

A beautiful morning as we alight from the bus.

The taxi quotes a cut throat price for driving us a just little over a mile to the resort.  Groggy and a tad tired we revolt and decide to walk on our own.

The morning is promising with dews settling on the many leaves that adorn Kodai's hills. Just then I spot these beautiful things, and the weary foot can remember no tire thereafter.

Then the beautiful, beautiful cottage awaited us at the end of the walk.

As I breathed in the cottage, the hike seemed worth every step. It was an amazing place with amazing food. A lovely resort indeed!

And the night blessed us with it's graceful charm as we whiled away our hours in the best way ever.

We mused a little, talked some, explored the possibilities of the night and lived for while being just us.

There is more to this than just the first few hours. It was a weekend - a long holiday. Hopefully will be able to upload more pictures in my next post.

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