Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some Shoe Love

These new choos I have been lusting for quite a  while now...

Glad they made their way home...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A beautiful Monday Morning

Mornings are essential as they prepare us for the rest of the day...

And Monday Mornings are the most essential as the rest of the days of the week flows from this one morn, doesn't it?

It is, therefore, essential to stop a while and look out at the abundance of nature.

Breathe in the calm morning and let some part of that calm settle in your heart to carry you through the lurking week ahead.

I did just that this morning, did you?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Mornings

This morning it was a silent time sitting on my cozy, cane couch and flipping through the beautiful musings in the book, "Dancing in Cambodia." Hmmmm... The beauty of long breaths on a morning of quiet  reflection. Bliss! 

A DIY project..

The wall paper is made from simple drawing sheets. I took about four of them and stapled them together.

I sketched the book spines that you can make out from the picture and added some beautiful words that should be a part of our everyday life. The words are:

Share.                                                         Play.
Ask.                                                            Dream.
Know.                                                         Joy.
Smell.                                                          Believe.
Pray.                                                           Smile.
See.                                                            Fly.
Give.                                                           You.
Fun.                                                            Hope 
Love.                                                         Ponder.                        Deep.

The Remnants of the Kodai Trip

The beautiful, serenading cottage..

The tree swayed to the unending breeze beside the cottage...

The beautiful resort gates.

A bonfire to fight the welcome chill.. Strange are the human ways.. we travel so far to bask in the cold mountain air and then also light up so much of wood to get warm... What do we want, I sometimes wonder...

The pine trees of Kodai... The place is infested with chimps!

And, then some Mother's love...

The nameless stream... sometimes the most beautiful things are anonymous...

Some relentless rain..

The fading mists lead to the church up there... can you spot it?

The trees sweeping the surface of the Kodai Lake... It seems to whisper to the Lake, "Be still, be still..."

A bit of prancing on these branches which seems to lay down its palm for us to put our foot on them...

On these scenic notes the trip to Kodai turned to an end... But, I really wish I could have stayed back...

Morning Lime

I had a lemonade morning today... what about you?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kodaikanal Trip Memoir

A beautiful morning as we alight from the bus.

The taxi quotes a cut throat price for driving us a just little over a mile to the resort.  Groggy and a tad tired we revolt and decide to walk on our own.

The morning is promising with dews settling on the many leaves that adorn Kodai's hills. Just then I spot these beautiful things, and the weary foot can remember no tire thereafter.

Then the beautiful, beautiful cottage awaited us at the end of the walk.

As I breathed in the cottage, the hike seemed worth every step. It was an amazing place with amazing food. A lovely resort indeed!

And the night blessed us with it's graceful charm as we whiled away our hours in the best way ever.

We mused a little, talked some, explored the possibilities of the night and lived for while being just us.

There is more to this than just the first few hours. It was a weekend - a long holiday. Hopefully will be able to upload more pictures in my next post.