Sunday, May 29, 2011

A beautiful Monday Morning

Mornings are essential as they prepare us for the rest of the day...

And Monday Mornings are the most essential as the rest of the days of the week flows from this one morn, doesn't it?

It is, therefore, essential to stop a while and look out at the abundance of nature.

Breathe in the calm morning and let some part of that calm settle in your heart to carry you through the lurking week ahead.

I did just that this morning, did you?


  1. Beautiful words and pictures! Thank you so very much for you lovely comment on my "little" Wisteria surprise, it was so nice of you:)



  2. Amazing photography! And the way you convey your thoughts is mesmerizing! Indeed,morning air is something to cherish and enjoy... and we must take the time to do so.Thanks for stopping by and liking my love for candles. Have a lovely weekend!~Poppy